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December 19, 2016.


Why am I not able to see my Continuing Education credits?

The IRS is lunching the new education provider’s website and is not ready for us to upload records, it can start up and running at any time, but we don’t have a concrete date so we can release it.


How do I view my Continuing Education Credits?

Please follow this link, but pay attention on the bottom note in red letters.

IRS Explanation to this question.



What is the new 2014 IRS Annual Filing Season Program?

The Annual Filing Season Program is a voluntary program implemented by the IRS in June 2014 to encourage tax return preparers to participate in continuing education (CE) courses. This program does not affect tax preparers already registered with CTEC or Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners. The IRS has a list of other tax preparers exempt from this voluntary program.

The exempt group is still required to meet their annual program requirements. For CTEC preparers the requirement includes the annual 15 Federal CE credits (10 Federal Tax Law, 3 Federal Tax Law Updates, and 2 Ethics).

Those that do not fall in this exempt group can take 18 hours of Continuing Education (11 hours for 2014 due to the date of implementation) to fall into the voluntary IRS program.

I am a CTEC Registered Tax Preparer; do I have to take another course to comply with the voluntary IRS Annual Filing Season Program?

No. Tax preparers registered with CTEC that complete their annual 20 hours Continuing Education Course do not have to take another course. The IRS will confirm with CTEC the exemption of a tax preparer. Tax preparers must ensure that the school provider is approved by the IRS.

Is The Tax Institute approved with the IRS under this new Annual Filing Season Program?

Yes. The Tax Institute is an IRS approved provider to upload their students Continuing Education credits to the IRS. All our students with a passing grade will be able to get their IRS record of completion for the Annual Filing Season Program once they renew their PTIN and consent to Circular 230 practice requirements.

 I am out of California, and I do not have any exempt credential; can you help me?

Yes. The Tax Institute offers an annual Continuing Education Course so you can comply with this new IRS program. For 2014 you have to take 11 hours of Continuing Education consisting in:

·       6 hours of the Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR).

·       3 hours of federal tax law topics.

·       2 hours of ethics.

For 2015 you will need to take 18 hours of Continuing Education containing the following:

·       6 hours of the Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR)

·       10 hours of federal tax law topics

·       2 hours of ethics

Where can I find more information about the Annual Filing Season Program?

The IRS has more information about the Annual Filing Season Program please visit their web site at


Are the IRS Continuing Education and Competency Test still required for 2013?


No, for 2013 the Continuing Education program is voluntary, we are uploading to the IRS PTIN system the education credits from courses taken with us. The Competency Test is not a requirement for Tax preparers during 2013.


The IRS is not enforcing its continuing education and competency exam this year; Does this affect CTEC for California Tax Preparers as well?


No. The court ruling on IRS continuing education and competency test does not affect CTEC. CTEC Continuing Education continues to be mandatory. CTEC Registered Tax Preparers are still required to complete20 hours of continuing education each year from a CTEC-approved education provider, plus obtain a $5,000 surety bond.


I want to know more about your continuing education courses.

Our continuing education courses comply with the new IRS and CTEC requirements. Our 15 hour continuing education courses for the IRS contain 10 hour of Tax Law, 3 hour of Tax Updates and 2 hour of Ethics. Our courses for tax practitioners in California contain 10 hour of Tax Law, 3 hour of Tax Updates,2 hour of Ethics and 5 hour of state of California. Once you complete and pass your exam we will upload your information to the IRS and CTEC (if applicable)after that you will be able your registration with CTEC (if applicable), and your IRS Credits will be uploaded so they can appear on your IRS profile online.

Are your Courses Approved?

The Tax Institute has been recognized as an approved curriculum provider by the Internal Revenue Service and the California Tax Education Council. Successful completion of our courses may be reported to fulfill the continuing education requirements of the California Business and Professional Code Section22250-22259. This does not constitute an endorsement by the California Tax Education Council as to the quality of the course or its contribution to the professional competence of the preparer. We are also recognized as an approved curriculum provider by the IRS, under the new IRS tax return preparer registration program.


Concerned about CPE for the upcoming National Tax Preparer Registration?

Don't be! The 15 Hour IRS tax preparer CPE requirements are included on our 20hour CTEC and IRS CE course, which will be available to order on May 30 2013.The course is already developed and meets both the 15 Hour IRS requirements and the 20 hour CTEC requirement. In the mean time, CTEC requirements had not changed and this year a new rule was put in effect, everybody will have just 10weeks after October 31 2012 to renew the CTEC registration, otherwise you might find yourself getting the 60 hour course, also the penalty to renew late (after October 31st) will increase to $55, So we recommend ordering early and complete your course as soon as possible.


Can I fax you the answer sheet or what is your fax number?

Yes, you can fax your test to us. Our fax number for tests is 661-633-2119.If you want to check with us to see if we have received your fax, please give us 24 hours after faxing your test. Your fax will not appear on our automated system until after 24 hours. In most cases we will grade your test within 72hours.


Can I E-mail  you the answer sheet?

Yes, you can E-mail us your answer sheet to If you want to check with us to see if we have received your E-mail, please give us 24hours after E-mailing your test. Your E-mail will not appear on our automated system until after 24 hours. In most cases we will grade your test within 72hours.


I have not registered and would like to for the first time or I was registered but it expired 1 year ago and I didn't renew it.

To register as a tax preparer in California for the first time you need to take a 60 hour course. Furthermore, if you registered in the past and did not renew last January 15th your registration is expired, you will also need 60 hours of education (45 hours federal + 15 state). Call the Council of Tax Education at 877-850-CTEC for further information or click on their website below. The Tax Institute offers a 60 hour course (Check our home study courses page or the order form).

CTEC Home Page


Do you carry any courses to prepare one to take the enroll agent exam.

We are excited to offer you software to prepare you to take the enrolled agent exam. You will find it to be an economical and efficient way to prepare for the exam. Our easy to use PC software gives you a head start. Actual IRS EA Exams from the last 3 years, with answer and explanations. A Single study guide all on one CD. More than 1,000 questions and answers in plain English. A real time saver. All of the explanations and references to IRS publications at your fingertips. Study at your own pace. Read a question, choose an answer, see the explanation, or go on. Choose questions by exam part, year or topic. You set the pace start, stop & continue at will.

FASTAX Software

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5- I purchased the enrolled agent FASTAX software last year. I would liketo purchase it again this year, can I get an update or discount?

Yes, You can order just the part that you need. Please click on thefollowing link to take you to our FASTAX software page. FASTAX Software


How long has the Tax Institute been providing continuing education?

The Tax Institute has been providing continuing education for TaxProfessionals since 1989.


I need an application to renew my registration or where do I getadditional information?

Applications by mail are not accepted any more, to renew your registration goto the CTEC web site at or click on the following link: CTEC Home Page


Is there a deadline for renewing my registration?

You need to renew your registration by Oct. 31 of each year. After this dateyou can still renew your registration but you will have to pay a penalty, andafter January 15 you will need to retake the 60 Hour Qualifyingcourse again.


Do I need Publication 17?

No, we will provide you a textbook.


I lost my answer sheet can you mail me another one?

You can download the answer sheet here Forms

Do you submit your information to CTEC electronically?

Yes we do. Every Friday we send test results to CTEC. All tests received forthe week up until Thursday nights are uploaded to CTEC's server by Friday at6:00 P.M.

I need more information regarding the enrolled agent course or where do Iregister to take the test?

Enrolledagent information

Enrolled agent testingsites and registration

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