Lite Tax Software

Welcome to Lite Tax Software. We've been using this tool in our office for several years. Lite Tax is especially useful to estimate tax liabilities of taxpayers with wages and who qualify for the earned income tax credit. It can also be used for "what if" scenarios.

All the information is entered into one screen unless the person is itemizing in which case you use two screens: The main screen and the itemized deduction screen. Changing filing status is as easy as pressing the F2 key.

Traditional tax preparation software makes you enter wages into a wages worksheet. Filing status is entered into a client information worksheet. Interest must be entered into Schedule B or directly into the 1040 form overriding a field. To get to the wages worksheet you must open a forms menu. After the forms menu pops up you must pick the wages worksheet form. After this you must indicate which wage worksheet you wish to work with. Finally you enter the W-2 information. Lite Tax eliminates all these hassles and can give you an estimate in only seconds.

This software should be used as a tax estimator calculator and should be used for estimating tax liabilities or refund only. It will not print a tax return and it should be used with caution by experienced tax preparers to estimate their clients tax liability.

Lite Tax retails for $17.95 the e-mail version or $24.95 the disk version (Includes shipping and sales tax). Place an Order

Screen shot of Lite Tax Software

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